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Nanda\Hobbs Gallery, Sydney – Nov.10 – Nov 21 2020

Lost Dreamers

Gall’s isolation is a comfortable choice; her female subjects are at one with themselves. They are uncommunicative, but there is a romantic vulnerability which requires some investigation and it is this which makes her paintings intriguing. 

She turns a beautifully decorated interior into a psychologically charged drama, there is a sense of uncertainty, foreboding and mystery about what lies beyond; they are much more than a conventional still life.”

Ken McGregor 2020 


Lost Dreamers

As with every artist whose work is built on authenticity and truthfulness, we find the raison d’être for Gall’s choice of subject matter rooted in her personality and life trajectory, while her devotion to exactitude and diligence explain the superb mastery of her painting skills.

Lorena Kloosterboer 2020